About P52 Pros

We give you real world assignments that are just like the ones you will work to get as a commercial photographer. A note here, this is not a wedding / baby / family portrait photography workshop. There are plenty of those out there. This is a commercial photographers workshop. Photographers who want to work with magazines, design agencies, ad agencies, corporations, PR firms, architects and more.

The assignments are drawn from real world assignments, and they are as detailed as we can make them. From shooting to a specific image size, to shooting to layout, to shooting from concept only and more, you will be pushed to up your game with every assignment.

Critiques are fair and honest, but not brutal. I do not believe in that sort of crap, so we keep the critiques positive. We certainly go through what could be considered wrong, or a problem, but we also go into how the image could be lit or shot to make it more interesting or conform to the assignment better.