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Oct 21st

Assignment Fifteen: “Becoming Exceptional”

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This is where we are right now… We have made some images, and done some personal asset taking as well as begun to look around us to see the possibilities that lay near us. Some of us have made exceptional images, all of us have made at least a few over the term.

Now we step it up and start to see that being exceptional is more attitude than gift – more a vision than a technique.

Becoming Exceptional

As we move toward the beginning of our business plan, I want to take this time to
discuss becoming exceptional. Being exceptional means you are a cut above.
Maybe two. Being exceptional means you do things differently, and better. Your
business is better, your work is better, your relationships are better and the clients
who expect the mundane are always surprised by exceptionalism.

Unfortunately too many of us shy away from being exceptional. We keep hearing
people telling us that being that good is the same as being conceited or

The movement all across the land is to denigrate the exceptional in
lieu of the mundane. No hurt feelings, or truama of having to deal with the fact that
you may not be as good as that other guy. The exceptional one.

What a load of crap. The ones who make it to the top of the mountain ARE the
exceptional ones. And anyone can go up the mountain, they just have to put one foot
in front of the other and not quit.

Not. Quit.

Never quitting is one of the prime ingredients in being exceptional.

I believe anyone can become exceptional at something… especially something that interests them.

Here is the assignment:

Read the worksheet and make an exceptional photograph. No subject matter given, no parameters other than this:

Make – not take – an exceptional photograph. The critique will be easy. We will look and marvel at your work and discuss the ways we can all become exceptional.

This is supposed to be a relaxed assignment, as I want everyone to have some time to catch their breath as we move into the next set of assignments and the reviews of the projects folks are working on. If there is an assignment that was missed, go do that one – or this one – but for heavens sake make it really exceptional.

Here is the worksheet (from the complete book you already have)…

“Becoming Exceptional”.

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