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Jul 5th

Assignment Fifty One: “An AUDIO Experience”

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The client wants an image to go with their tag line: “It is an experience like no other”.

This can be a still life, but if so it must be elegant and well propped.

This can be a people photograph, and if it is they must have some sort of audio device there.

The device can be a recorder, a player, a personal player… maybe even an old retro “boom box”… it can be a car audio system with someone jamming in the backseat of a convertible all alone on a beautiful road.

It is a vertical shot with nearly no typography to worry about.

But the photograph MUST captivate and pull us in… and remember to double down on that tag line… experience like NO OTHER…

Photoshopping is allowed, but the final image must look ‘real’.

This is a tough one. Do NOT wait for the last minute to make this shot.

Here are some ads for audio... note that when making a visual of an aural product, we pretty much have to go to the senses… color, design, lighting, pose, presentation.


Thursday Critique, July 17

Saturday Critique, July 20

One more to go guys… make these killer shots!

Audio Killer Shots!

  1. John McAllister
    July 18, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    Sorry, unable to make this week’s critique. As you can see from my submission, I have been watching Joel Grimes on CreativeLive!