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Jun 13th

Assignment Forty Eight: All About The Light

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A local utility company needs a photograph to go along with their new campaign for safety and public awareness. The marketing communications designer has some specific ideas in mind… a shot at night, or very late dusk.

The point of the campaign is to make folks aware of how much the utility company does for the public good… lights on streets, alleyways, parking lots etc…

“I want people to feel like we are a good neighbor” she says. They have launched a multimillion dollar refurbishing on some of the local power stations and she knows that may leave some bad will due to some limited power outages. This campaign is to get the public behind them as they move forward with their plans. Better to prepare them for a little problem and then deliver a solution faster than promised.

Your assignment is to do a shot (or 3… just show us one) of how the public is served with the lighting in areas that may seem quite dark and scary.

Production Specifics:
Clean and minimal… not a ‘busy’ photo.
People in the photo are OK if you want.
A color shot will be expected to be printed for large road signs, and it must ‘read’ as a small black and white too for newspapers and periodicals.

Think minimalism… important on both the large and the small presentation.

This AD is asking you for some very creative stuff here… you need to deliver.

Think about how you would show how important this new lighting is in a photograph.
Will there be a person there?
Is it a deserted parking lot with lights showing us someone getting into a car?
Is it a kid waiting for the bus under a brightly lit bus stop?

Whatever it is… it is your gig.

Do it in your style, your genre… just make it kick butt. Light it if you are lighting guy, or wait for the perfect moment at dusk if you love that natural look.

Photoshopping is permitted in whatever level you want to present it.

Some YouTube Info Vids:

But remember you do not have to shoot this at night.

You have to deliver a dramatic image of LIGHT being used as a helpful tool for the public.


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