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May 23rd

Assignment Forty Five: Raving Fans

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So this is sort of a sports story idea… or a musical artist or author idea. Or a pipe tobacco, collectible, cheese, pizza, camera, or lawnmower idea.

Fans come in all flavors for all flavors of things… And that is what this assignment is about. Fans.

Heck, my wife will only buy “Hunter” Brand ceiling fans for our home… so she is a fan of fans… heh.

We need a shot that says “Raving Fans” for a magazine to use in a layout for an article they are doing on (whatever your fan is raving about).

There is a full page image on the left, and an insert image on the right… so I am doing a layout so you can see where and how the images insert into the magazine. And you will insert your images into the template.

The nice thing for all of you is that you can choose to do a still life or a people shot… even a food shot if you can spin it right (cupcake fans?).

And that is what makes this assignment a lot of fun… it is for YOU to decide what ‘raving fan’ you are shooting for.

Perhaps your raving fans are for a specific flavor of Jello. Or a lip gloss, skateboard, mini-van. How about a collection of Zippos or Zappos or Barbies in gowns… a fan is a fan. I am a fan of many things… Kindle for example, old cameras and books too.

So from still life collections to happy people to curmudgeons graciously fanatic for a hard to find pipe tobacco… ‘Raving Fans” is all about the obsession with ____.

Here is a google image page for you to peruse.


Music Fans.

raving-fans 2.psd

How to work with the layout:


Work this shot to death… light/composition/point of view… WHAT are you going to do to make something we are going to stop and look at?

Show us something special… you are all at the point where you can MAKE a shot and make us want to see it.

We want this raving fans to create at least one raving fan for us – the art director of photo editor who assigned it.


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