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May 16th

Assignment Forty Four: A Cook’s Tools

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Thursday’s Images:

Thursday’s Critique:

With a cook or without a cook.

If you are a people person, you will want to show a cook and his/her tools. Which tools? I care not.

If you are a still life or food shooter, then that is wonderful as well… do that.

If you are focusing on travel/adventure stuff, then do it in that style (what tools around a campfire in the snow…).

Show shiny, brand new tools or well, worn and slightly gnarly tools… same for cooks, heh.

Now if this set of images doesn’t inspire you to something way better than the vast majority of these images, I don’t know what will.

C’mon – you guys can do better than this, right?

This page should get your ideas flowing a little better… but still, I want your shots to be heads and shoulders over the bulk of these… so work the heck out of this assignment.

Here’s my bud Rick’s page on tools of the trade.

This page has some interesting shots although you have to dig down a bit to get to them.

All kinds of approaches here… now make your shots ROCK!

With people if you are a people shooter. On location if you are a travel/lifestyle shooter. Still life if you are a still life shooter.


Thursday, May 29 Webinar

There will not be a webinar on Saturday morning, May 31. I will be in Omaha, NE teaching. The following Saturday we will look at both sets of images those from this assignment and the ones from Assignment 45.


  1. Duane Middlebrook
    May 24, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    There isn’t a signup for the webinar on this page.