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Apr 18th

Assignment Forty: “I coulda’ Been a Contender…”

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photo by Alicia Bonterre (Project 52)

“I coulda’ been a contenda…”
One of the most famous lines ever spoken.

Thursday’s “Contenders”…

From “On the Waterfront” – Marlon Brando realizing his brother had betrayed him and that his dream of actually being a professional boxer was dead.

Saturday Review:

The critique:

We mentioned to Leah that we would take a look at her image to see what could be done with it. Here is the link for that Photoshop tutorial.

Now we are going to take this line… and make it into something else.
“I coulda been a contender…” for what?

IT Guy of The Year?
Football Kicker?
Sports Announcer?

Sorrow and defeat… and a complete misdirection of attention.

Using a model or someone you know, let’s do a shot of dejection, disappointment, and dreams fizzling out like a Diet Rootbeer opened while it was still warm… gone. Using light and shadow, composition and framing we are going to illustrate the line “I coulda been a contender…”

Hoping this will be a very emotional photograph, one that will make us realize all that was lost and all that it means.
Black and White. Horizontal (Landscape).

Think ‘gritty’, think sorrow, anguish and pain. PULL the viewer into your image and have them FEEL the emotional moment of realizing it is never going to happen. Not the way they thought it would. Not ever.

The shot does NOT have to be OF a person… but a person in the photograph is imperative to sell us on the disappointment and sorrow of watching ones dreams go up in smoke.

And it is of course, fiction. We at Project 52 ain’t nevah gonna leave our dreams go up in no smoke… right?

Damn right.



Thursday, May 1 Webinar

Saturday, May 3 Webinar

  1. Sally Bair
    April 30, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    Not sure I will make the webinar on 5/1/14. The photo I submitted is a shot were a key player is left alone on the side line to watch this huge championship game with a major rival after he was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct near the beginning of game. His team was crushed.