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Jun 6th

Assignment Forty Seven: Dual Portraits

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Saturday Images:

Thursday Images:

Side by Side “portrait”… one of the subjects face, one of all of them. Keep the images controlled. Control your subject within the frame, control the DOF and control the light to make the subjects stand out from the background within your stylistic approach.

The two shots should be taken with the same wardrobe, and in the same general vicinity. Please keep your distance between shots to a minimum… same place.

Here are some examples from a photographer who is becoming one of my go-to photographers for inspiration, David Eustace.




These portraits can be of kids, older folks, models, family… but they must have this directness to them. Simply put, these are not glamour shots nor are they fashion… these are portraits of the soul…

This will be a blast, so get started on them ASAP.

Upload here:


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