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May 9th

Assignment Forty Three: A “Period” Piece

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Photograph by Rasmus Hald




A photograph that is created to look like something from an earlier time.

A “period” piece is an image that calls to an earlier era, but is created in our contemporary time. “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Apollo 13″, “Phantom of the Opera”, that movie where that idiot actor drowns after the boat unexpectedly sinks…

These are all ‘period’ pieces. Styling, camera choice, lens choice, lighting and post production all go into making a strong “period” piece. This will be one of those shots that shows your creativity – as well as you ability to solve problems and meet challenges for the photography.

Subject matter is open – portraits, still life, landscape/environ. Be very careful and detailed with this shot – as detailed as possible.

Please be very detailed in letting us know what period you are working toward achieving. Is it the thirties, forties, sixties? Is it the 80′s.

Please nothing from 1990 forward… Let’s go for big hair or big bows or big fenders.

DO NOT WAIT TO GET GOING ON THIS SHOT… You may need to find props and such.


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  1. shane
    May 24, 2014 at 1:29 am

    Cute image Bryan, and loved your advert mockup, too.
    Nice touch!