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Jul 21st

Assignment Four: The “Tear Sheet” Assignment

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A Little Something To Help Us Plan.

We are going to start our business planning, but not in the dry “business school” sort of way. We aren’t in business school – we are photographers.

NOTE: Put tearsheets in the Flickr site: 

Video Peptalk…

Planning our business means that we have to also think about what we do as photographers. What do we shoot? Where do we shoot? What kind of subjects really get us excited about shooting?

We will be doing a little of this and a little of that as we move through to the middle of the project. But for now we have to get our plans together and knowing what we want to do will be a big part of it.

Knowing what we don’t want to do is also very important. And knowing what we CAN do is even more important as we decide our first moves.

Make notes and work on your plan for overcoming the challenges and begin to see yourself as an entity that is totally capable of making this happen. It is all about the choices we make and the ferocity in which we make them.

Assignment Four PDF – The Tear Sheet Project (there is no text on this page, so it is being saved as a PDF only.

This assignment allows you to create a visual part of your goals. We are using the Tear Sheet Assignment as a way to get you to see the type of imagery you are most drawn to. This will go a long way toward helping you establish a vision for your work.

Instructions for the tearsheets:

Put them flat on a surface, get above them and shoot all of them at one time with your camera or camera-phone. One shot of all those tearsheets in one group. Make them neat please and make them sort of fit your camera area.

NOTE: Put tearsheets in the Flickr site: 

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1. Check file name / EXIF Data file name as well

2. Make sure it is no longer than 1000 pixels, and if possible no taller than 700 pixels.

3. Make sure you use “Save For Web and Devices” – High Quality (60)


Then make sure you register for the correct Webinar.

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