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Oct 28th

Assignment Sixteen: “Soft”

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It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon and you have just put a big catalog project in the “finished” folder.

In the door comes an art director you have worked with a couple of times and he is carrying some layout folders.

“I need some input,” he says as he puts the layouts down on the desk.

“Sure, what can I do to help”?

“I need a shot that says soft… I mean really “soft””.

“Has the client had any input”, I asked?

“The client has rejected most of the account execs ideas which were the usual… fur, bunnies…” he said, “I want to do something that really amazes everyone. And I came to you because I know you will have a great idea or two…”

You sit down and begin to doodle…



Scan the doodle(s) and put them next to the image you shot for the AD. And yeah, he is going to be there for you, but you are going to create the image, OWN that work. If you do not own a scanner, shoot it with good, even light. No excuses… get the doodle ideas going… We do not care a wit if you can or cannot draw, show us your process. One page only for the assignment, but you can do as many as you want for yourself.

You are shooting a POP display – something that sits on the counter of a skin care facility that helps sell the idea of this new cosmetic line called “SoftSense”.

You are not necessarily shooting a beauty shoot, although you can if that is in your genre and style.
It has already been designed.

Oh, the layout?

Here it is.


Now take the doodles you made and put it next to the shot you do and make ONE image – side-by-side shots.

Like this:



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