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Apr 7th

Assignment Thirty Eight: A Fragrance Bottle

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Saturday Images:

A fragrance bottle and the photograph of it is a timeless challenge. The fragrance folks pour a ton of dollars into the design of those bottles. Sometimes as much love goes into the bottle as goes in the bottle. So when you decide to take on shooting a fragrance bottle, you have to put all you have into it… make it LOOK like a million dollar fragrance.

We can see a bit of a human, but no recognizable face. Still lifes are fine. This is a full page shot of the bottle. It is for a magazine… that means it is VERTICAL. That also means it must fit the crop of 8×10.5 – and yes, it bleeds off the page.
You must leave a space for a headline. A medium sized space – right top or left top – your choice, but it has to be there.

You are free to add up to 3 additional items to the shot. For instance:

opera tickets


– No more than three additional set props (larger ones that is)

– We must be able to see the bottle and KNOW that it is very expensive perfume or fragrance (figure $350 a bottle range).

Yes, this is a very formal request from your client. You have some creative latitude, and you have some very specific parameters. Take a few days to look at and get some ideas of what fragrance shooting means.

Location / studio / location studio… it is all good.

But watch out for too much DOF if you are in the field. Reflections can kill as well, so be careful.

More coming on this assignment.

Webinar, Thursday, April 17

Webinar, Saturday, April 19

  1. Tammy Bogestrand
    April 19, 2014 at 2:53 am

    Don, I uploaded my image two times as the first one was the wrong one, it wasn’t cropped to the specification.