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Mar 7th

Assignment Thirty Four: “Show Me the Money”

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Photo by Anna Gunn

Yep, “Show Me the Money”. A phrase from a movie I believe and it has become part of our lexicon of terms. Now we are going to illustrate it in a particularly interesting way.

This article is about a crisis in currency, money… the exchange of goods and services.

Which crisis… oh hell, I don’t know. Pick one where you live.

The article is about how there is a problem with the valuation of the currency, and possibly the currency itself. There may be some security breach that needs to be plugged, or perhaps it is the distribution to banks that is a problem… but there is a problem and we need to address it with our image.


  • Minimal color. Keep the color pallet spare. It can be bright, but not wide ranging. They want maximum impact and to do that with subtlety. This is not a magazine that runs garish images.
  • Landscape to layout provided.
  • It can show currency, but a stack of coins is not going to cut it… think more creative than that. Unless of course you can show me an image of a stack of coins that simply rocks the socks!!!
  • People can indeed be in the photograph, and it can be done in the studio or on location. It is a conceptual shot, and the concept has to be that there is something wrong with the currency.

HERE IS THE LAYOUT: TWO COLOR VERSIONS: Dark type over light background and light type over dark background.




Use the folder noted as light type version for the dark background. Simply turn on the eye and open the folder.




NOTE: make this shot do not take this shot. Get really critical at this point, please!

(All excess ‘props’ should be forwarded to my paypal account… thank you)


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