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Feb 9th

Assignment Thirty: “One Man’s Garbage…

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… “Is Another Man’s Treasure”

An old saying that we don’t hear much anymore, but it always reminds us that some folks throw out what other folks love. I have found some amazingly cool things at flea markets and garage sales and such.

Treasures? LOL, well maybe not treasures… but certainly some stuff that I have made great use of.

The concept you are going to illustrate is that the idea of throwing out things / others collecting things may be a new movement that is spreading from rural areas to the cities.

It has become a new way of ‘bartering’ or, in some cases decorating and designing with found objects.

Here are a few links to get you thinking:

Decorating with Found Objects

Decorating with Found Objects! (different article)

Found Objects

Trash to Treasure


This is NOT an interior design article, although if you are working toward that sort of book, that would be fine.

It can be people, it can be a faux portrait with a ‘found objects’ designer.

It can be people on location at a flea market… the caveat is you MUST engage them for the work. Standing off on one side shooting with a long lens will NOT cut it on this assignment.

The image you create is the opening image for a magazine – both online and print, and is a vertical. Color, and it must be striking. This is a new magazine and they are giving you a chance to really blow them away here.

Please do not wait till the last minute… plan and shoot with purpose in mind.

Make this a portfolio worthy shot.

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