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Feb 25th

Assignment Thirty Two: “Science America” Part A

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Similar to “Scientific American” Science America is a startup magazine with lofty goals.

According to the editor, Arthur Directeur, they are looking for photography to be their ace in the hole so to speak.

“We want the imagery of Science America to be known for compelling photography and cutting edge design” he said in a recent interview with the guy at Starbucks who hangs out in the back writing code. “We want to be the visually superior force on the current magazine stand.”

And now Art Directeur is on the line with you. He has a big assignment. A location portrait and a product (sort of) shot. Both are to be featured prominently in the magazine.

The portrait is of the founder of a new company that creates packaged code for the tech world. He/She can be featured in his/her environment or in the studio… with styling attached. A guy or gal in jeans standing on white seamless ain’t gonna cut it… do don’t even think about doing that.

Use the environment to sell the subject as a genuine ‘real’ person.

Portrait or Landscape is fine.

The product he offers is security for your emails and server security. Bulletproof, and solid, it far surpasses the typical security systems in place in current computers. It has been shown to be impenetrable. This cyber-security genius is your subject… so think about how you will portray them.

(You should read ahead to the next assignment so you can figure out what to plan for part B.}


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