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Jul 24th

Protected: Still Life Book

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Jul 14th

Assignment Fifty Two (Gasp!): Your Best Shot!

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Thursday Images: Thursday critique: The assignment I dread the most… the last one. Heh. This one is quite unique, and I want it to be a reflection of this past year + we have spent together. I want it to be an image that makes us all proud of what was accomplished and an image […]

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Jul 12th

One On Ones / Book Info

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This is the link to sign up for the meeting. We will probably be using Skype instead of PopExpert, but their scheduling is very cool. Link if you choose. If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste it into the URL bar. Please send me a link to your Dropbox and questions you would […]

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Jul 5th

Assignment Fifty One: “An AUDIO Experience”

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IMAGE BY MICHAEL GOWIN Music. Audio. Car/Motorcycle/Personal. The client wants an image to go with their tag line: “It is an experience like no other”. This can be a still life, but if so it must be elegant and well propped. This can be a people photograph, and if it is they must have some […]

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Jun 28th

Assignment Fifty: Fashion Accessories

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IMAGES: Handbags / belts / luggage. High end fashion accessories for an magazine ad. Vertical / Color or BW. Research the genre… and make it rock. If it is leather, we want to see the grain. If it is fur, we need to see the fur. If it is shiny, show us. Men or women […]

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Jun 20th

Assignment Forty Nine: “Hell On Wheels”

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Thursday Image Critique: PHOTO BY IRENE LIEBLER A local company is franchising a new burger stand… gals on roller skates, old time fun. And it is mostly for upscale people who like to dress downtown… $30,000 Harleys and Mint Condition 68 Corvettes. The food is big and fun, and the feature is the old time […]

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Jun 13th

Assignment Forty Eight: All About The Light

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Saturday Image Review: Thursday Image Review: A local utility company needs a photograph to go along with their new campaign for safety and public awareness. The marketing communications designer has some specific ideas in mind… a shot at night, or very late dusk. The point of the campaign is to make folks aware of how […]

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Jun 6th

Assignment Forty Seven: Dual Portraits

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Saturday Images: Thursday Images: Side by Side “portrait”… one of the subjects face, one of all of them. Keep the images controlled. Control your subject within the frame, control the DOF and control the light to make the subjects stand out from the background within your stylistic approach. The two shots should be taken with […]

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Jun 5th

Make Up Class for Week of June 1

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Webinar on Saturday, June 6 – 7AM PDT. Remember to email the photograph to me before the class starts. — Don

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May 30th

Assignment Forty Six: A Product Shot of a Mundane Product

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Images. Thursday: Saturday A Product Shot… one of the staples of a commercial photographer, and something we all must master to keep the cash flow positive. The product I want you to shoot is a surge protector. Here is an idea sketched up by the AD. There are many ways to make this photograph, but […]

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