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Dec 2nd

Assignment Twenty One: “HOT”

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Well it is winter here in the US now, and we long for milder climes. For those of you south of the equator, it is summer… and you are enjoying it.

I love the winter, but occasionally I long for a nice warm day to hit the trails up north.

But we can not change the weather. It will be cold until it is no longer cold.

Thanks Gandolf.

But this time of year it is kind of fun to think of “Hot”.

This assignment is simply that… illustrate “HOT”.

It doesn’t have to be weather related or anything else, however here is what it cannot be:

Girl in bikini
Girl in bikini playing with fire
Fire engulfing a girl in a bikini
I am hoping you get the gist of that. No fire and no allusions to girls in bikinis being “hot”… K?

(or guys either… for that matter…)


And of course it can have people in the shot, or be a still life or something that fits YOUR work and genre.

Now for the kicker. I want to see how you work. Show me a screen grab from your PS, or LR of the set of images surrounding or in front of the image you chose. I recommend just making a screen grab and cutting out the extraneous around your images.


This will give us a glimpse into how you “work” the scene or the shoot.

Attach it to the image as a single presentation… like this:


… and submit that image with both.

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