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May 7th

Make Up Assignment Review Time

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All active P52 Members: Any class.

Some of you are finding that life (pesky devil) has made it difficult to make the critique sessions. Perhaps like Anders, John, Tomas, Flora, Anna and Filipe, it is because you are sleeping in the middle of the night… well, not Anna – she is awake all the time…heh.

For others it may be school or other commitments or maybe you have to miss because of a kid’s school recital.

I get that.

So, starting this Saturday we will have “MakeUpMeeting” for those of you who may be in a group that meets at a bad time. It will be a regularly scheduled meeting and will be at 9AM PDT.

As with all webinars, things may get in the way for me as well… on location, kids performance, waiting for my bail bondsman and such.
Now please, do not use it as an excuse to NOT go to your regularly scheduled meeting, but do feel free – especially you guys in time zones or school commitments – to make the Saturday MakeUpMeeting.

And no, this will not involve lipliner and mascara… we are using a different kind of definition of make up… sigh.

Register for Saturday’s Make Up Meeting.